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CJF's MLP Reviews: Amending Fences

You know what's fascinating? It's when you have this small moment early on in a show that will just be shrugged off, but then the writers acknowledge it and expand upon it. That's pretty much what "Amending Fences" does.

Apparently Spike immediately starts the plot by reminding Twilight how far she has gotten since the first episode, and how she wasn't great with friends in the beginning. This reminds Twilight of her friends from Canterlot, whom she cannot remember their names. Wait, I thought Twilight wasn't the one for making friends when the show started and only had her brother Shining Armor as her best friend. Whatever.

When Twilight and Spike arrive in Canterlot, they meet with the same three minor characters from the first episode: Colgate, I mean, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine. Lyra Heartstrings also happens to be among the group, but is just given a brief mention. It also explains why they all appear in Ponyville sometimes: to visit Lyra, or vice versa. It's a minor detail, but a welcome one at that.

Twilight apologizes for leaving Canterlot without saying good-bye, but the group easily forgive her because they're used to her running off. I guess I could buy that. Then they stop by their old science lab and we have a flashback to when they were all fillies. As usual, the ponies are just adorable to watch in the flashback.

This is where Twilight recalls an old classmate: Moondancer, who was given a quick mention in the first episode. Twilight and her friends then go to reconnect with her, and find out that Moondancer is a recluse, shutting herself out from other ponies.

Moondancer is a pretty interesting character. Design-wise, she is a recolored version of Twilight, as if we don't see enough recolored ponies in fan art. However, I think the reason for that is to show us what Twilight would look like if she stayed without friends and decided to be studious 24/7. As it was shown, they had a lot in common, and because of this, Moondancer actually opened up when it comes to friendship. However, after Twilight did not show up at said party, she pretty much shut herself out.

That's the rest of the episode: Twilight trying to make up for her mistake. When dinner with friends did not work out, she hires Pinkie Pie for help by recreating the party. This is where the episode shines: Moondancer has a breakdown, reminding Twilight that she felt abandoned after not arriving at her party and not wanting to feel hurt again, which explains her reclusive status. Kazumi Evans' performance is what nails it, nicely portraying her genuine emotions. And to think, she was also the voice of Adagio from Rainbow Rocks, a character who was kind of one-dimensional, in my opinion.

Twilight then reintroduces Moondancer to her other friends: the librarian, her sister, and the bookseller who resembles Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. No, really, it's actually Honey Lemon.

Is it me, or is this season going to have more background characters resembling other characters, like Pony Marge or Will Smith Pony both from "Princess Spike"?

Anyways, Twilight and Moondancer make amends and continue the party. We also get to see that Spike's present for her that was in the first episode was a picture of the group, which she then hangs up on her wall.

Seriously, do I need to say any more? This is easily one of the best episodes this season. The great thing is that what was briefly mentioned in the first episode is greatly expanded on. I'm pretty sure that the writers didn't think that far ahead, but probably thought "You know those three minor characters from the pilot? Let's explore that."

Of course, there's Moondancer. I already mentioned how interesting her character was, but also how much people can relate to her. Without going into much detail, I saw a bit of myself in her, as I've experienced something similar to what she has gone through. That's one reason why I love this show: it's relatable, and doesn't seem to hold back on portraying some of the genuine emotions.

There are also some minor things to like such as the call-backs and a couple of funny moments, like Twilight appearing in Moondancer's book. Overall, this episode gets a...


I may be stretching it here, but when is this good, it deserves that score. Definitely something wonderful, in my eyes.

Also, Starlight Glimmer happened to be in the same restaurant as Twilight and friends. What was she doing there? Hmm...

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